Winterfell Acres

Brooklyn, WI

A woman-led CSA farm dedicated to bringing you fresh, local and organically grown vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs in three share sizes to fit your eating and cooking goals.


Community supported agriculture is a means for a direct connection to be made between eater and grower. CSA share with Winterfell Acres offers great variety and quality from field to table with over 40 different crops grown throughout the season.

CSA is a mutually beneficial commitment between farmers and their community. Members of the CSA ensure a customer base and a stable income for the farmer throughout the growing season. In return, the farmer provides CSA members with a weekly share of the best local produce available.

Members get access to a wide variety of fresh, locally grown vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. They get to know who grows their food and they get to share in both the risk and bounty of farming.

Through the membership model, farmers have the cash they need at the beginning of the season to buy their seeds and pay for their labor without needing to take out risky loans.  Being able to directly market to their members also allows farmers to receive the full portion of profit for the food they grow. The CSA model helps family farms stay a viable way to make a living.


Winterfell offers three different share sizes: Nibble, Picnic and Feast to fit your eating and cooking goals. Along with your weekly CSA share, our newsletters include many recipes and tips to make the most out of each week's delivery as well as a farm update for that week. Expect a weekly read of the unique and wonderful rantings and ravings about farm life from Farmer Beth!

You should expect a steady supply of staple produce such as beans, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. as well as a few yummy but less-well-known vegetables such as kohlrabi, blonde cucumber and yellow watermelon. We also have two storage shares every November, an online farmers’ market just for CSA members to buy bulk produce when in season and we often have extra share options when available such as bread, eggs and pork.

Testimonials and happy veggie endings

"January 2015 my Dr. gave me a wake-up call on my cholesterol numbers. That reality and the CSA Open House at Monona Terrace was the incentive I needed to give a Winterfell Nibble share a try—turned out to be perfect for me.  

I challenged myself to use everything. Trimmings got saved in a bag in the freezer; once a month I made vegetable stock with them for soup base or to make rice with. Nothing was wasted. I enjoyed the rainbow of tomatoes, especially the green heirlooms. 

After 6 months of diet and exercise and 20# lighter, my Dr. ordered new labs. She and I were pleased to see my numbers were much better and well within acceptable range. 

So my thanks to Winterfell Acres for the wonderful produce, great eating, and improved health I enjoyed this past season because of your efforts.  It turned out to be a great first time CSA experience for me."


Winterfell Acres CSA Veggie Storage Guide PDF

Feast Share from July 2014

Feast Share from July 2014