Winterfell Acres

Brooklyn, WI

A woman and mother-led CSA farm dedicated to growing nutrient dense and organic vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs.


Winterfell Acres is a women-led CSA farm in Brooklyn, WI dedicated to bringing you fresh, local, nutrient-dense and organically grown produce. We grow over 40 different vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs while focusing on heirloom varieties with the highest nutritional content. 

The farm was started in 2013 by farmer Bethanee Wright with the dream of giving her CSA members the opportunity to develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food, the land that sustains them and the food that brings their family and friends together. 

Our land stewardship practices surpass those required by the National Organic Program and we officially became certified organic in June 2015. We grow without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals.  Instead we utilize sustainable practices such as living aisles, cover crops, low-tillage bed prep methods, mulches and crop rotation. Each season, we also host on- farm events so you can come see how your vegetables are grown for yourself!