Winterfell Acres

Brooklyn, WI

A woman-led CSA farm dedicated to bringing you fresh, local and organically grown vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs in three share sizes to fit your eating and cooking goals.

2019 Garden Seedling Pre-Order

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2019 Garden Seedling Pre-Order

from 1.50

Interested in ordering certified organic seedlings for your own backyard garden or container garden at home?  These transplants will be healthy and sturdy; ready for transplanting immediately into your garden or pots in mid-May.

I will be in contact with you directly for specific pick up dates and times after placing your order.

For bulk orders or other varieties not listed below, please email Beth at

Transplant Type:
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Broccoli- Gypsy (large central head) $2.50

Cauliflower- Denali (big white heads) $2.50

Brussel Sprouts- Dagan (big, sweet sprouts) $2.50

Napa Cabbage- Minuet (upright and lush heads) $2.50

Head Lettuce- Green farmer's choice $1.50

Head Lettuce- Red farmer's choice $1.50

Kale- Darkibor (curly green leaves) $2.50

Kale- Lacinato ( blue-green savoyed leaves) $2.50

Leeks- Tadorna (stocky and dark green shafts/comes in pots of 4 plants) $2.00

Onion- Dakota Tears- (good heirloom storage onion/comes in pots of 4 plants) $2.00

Onion- Redwing (nutritional red storage onion/comes in pots of 4 plants) $2.00

Scallions- Evergreen Hardy White (bunching onion/comes in pots of 4 plants) $2.00

Swiss Chard- Bright Lights (productive rainbow mix) $2.50

Strawberry (ready to plant plugs for same year harvest/not barefoot) $3.00 

Bush bean- Provider (best tasting green bean/comes in pots of 2 plants) $2.00

Celery- Tango (flavorful and crisp) $3.00

Slicing cucumber $2.50

Mixed Sunflowers ( comes in pots of 2 plants) $3.00

Genovese Basil$3.00

Culinary Sage $3.00

German Winter Thyme $3.00

Greek Oregano $3.00

Lemon Balm $3.00

Chives $3.00

Mint $3.00

Parsley $3.00

Melon- Sarah's Choice (best cantaloupe variety EVER!) $3.00

Melon- Tom (solid, sweet red watermelon) $3.00

Pepper- Carmen (green to red Italian sweet pepper) $3.50

Pepper- Ace (green turns to red big bell) $3.50

Pepper- Jalafuego jalapeno (spicy classic!) $3.50

Summer Squash/Zucchini- Desert (green) $2.50

Summer Squash/Zucchini- Y-Star (yellow patty pan) $2.50

Tomato; Cherry-Sungold (classic: sweetest cherry on the market) $3.50

Tomato; Cherry-Super Sweet 100 (the best red cherry tomato I've found) $3.50

Tomato; Heirloom-Green Zebra (saladette with green and yellow stripes) $3.50

Tomato; Heirloom-Juanne Flame (bright orange, sweet saladette) $3.50

Tomato; Heirloom-Moskovich (medium, quick to harvest red heirloom) $3.50

Tomato; Heirloom-Prudens Purple (large, red Brandywine-type) $3.50

Tomato; Heirloom-Striped German (yellow and pink bicolor with fruity flavor) $3.50

Tomato; Heirloom-Pink Berkley Tie Dye (dark pink with green striping with outstanding flavor) $3.50

Tomato; hybrid-New Girl (medium, early red hybrid) $4.00

Tomato; hybrid-Big Beef (big red hybrid) $4.00

Tomato; Paste-Amish Paste (heirloom; mostly flesh and little juice) $3.50

Winter squash- Waltham butternut (classic sweet butternut flavor) $2.50